Vien-Ha Nguyen

Vien-Ha Nguyen (*1993) is an undergraduate from the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach. In her area of studies Multimedia and Communication she`s been gathering experinces throughout all media branches whether it`s audio, video production, 3D graphics, media design, journalism or programming. Her main focus though has always been audio. This passion began early when she first laid hand on a guitar as a baby girl, grew bigger and bigger with every band she made music with and so far peaked in her time studying. Diverse projects such as producing a funk band, creating an interactive concept making colour audible or composing for various mediums e.g. film, advertising or vinyl made her fallen even more in love with the world of sound. Currently she`s seeking for as many different impressions as possible to expand her understanding of audio which allows her to dive even deeper into that matter.