At the interface between sound art and technology, we are constantly researching minor or major innovations in order to master all upcoming challenges. A key topic of our activities has always been the field of innovations and a permanent discussion on new technologies as well as the development of our own tools for the processing and reproduction of sound in space. In recent years, for instance, there have arisen the AROS (Akusmatic Room Orchestration System), the akusmatic Panning Server PS-1, or 'the Klangleuchter'. Together with our 21-channel Klangdome that was installed in the summer 2016, we are now able to work with new sound formats such as Auro 3D. In conjunction with generative composition systems, we utilise this system in order to design spaces acoustically.

The communication between miscellaneous media components as well as the interaction with the visitors are at the heart of all our developments. These systems are applicable as 'intelligent sound design' in touch screens, interactive tables, or in media rooms and installations.