Museum Aargau

Ears Open!

Under the topic of 'Ganz Ohr', the Museum Aargau takes its visitors on a sonorous journey of discovery to six historical sites. Apart from the roman Legionary Path and Königsfelden Monastery, also Wildegg Castle, Hallwyl Castle and Habsburg Castle have been brought to life by sound.
For the Year of the Senses 2016, Idee und Klang have designed an overall concept on the issue of hearing, and have realised nine different sound installations for this purpose, each one adapted to the history and architecture of the respective site.
In addition to conveying historical content, not only an artistic but also a playful interaction with sound have come to the fore. Thus the visitor to the Königsfelden Monastery's ancient cloisters is capable to recreate a nun's daily routine of hundreds of years ago by moving a watch hand within a quadrophonic sound installation. Interactivity is the name of the game at Hallwyl Castle. In the ancient gaol, the visitor is encouraged to send his own words down the dark dungeon where, by way of ingenious live electronics, they get processed and are reflected in an outlandish fashion. The scope of all the installations ranges from interactive works to scenic audio dramas and up to radio plays in the style of musique concrète. We also suceeded in winning over German sound artist Andreas Oldörp to contribute a sound installation for Königsfelden Monastery.


Client: Museum Aargau
Scenography: Idee und Klang GmbH
Technology: Tweaklab AG
Photos: Museum Aargau